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Nano Spectrophotometer LNS-B11

Labtron LNS-B11 is specially designed to analyze the concentration of pure of nucleic acid. It requires only minimal amount of sample for accurate measurement. It gives a comfortable and safe workflow

Wavelength range (nm)

230, 260, 280

Path length (mm)

1, 0.2

Minimum Sample size (µl)


Absorbance range

0.2~75 (10mm equivalent absorbance)

Absorbance precision (Abs)


Absorbance accuracy (%)


Light source

Xenon flash lamp

Measurement time (s)


Detects nucleic acid up to (ng/µL)

10~3750 (dsDNA)

Detects protein up to (mg/mL)

0.5~110 (BSA)

Dimension (mm)


Weight (kg)


Rapid measure speed
Highly concentrated samples can be used
Direct Concentration display
Wide concentration range
No further dilutions
Easy to operate

  1. Used in laboratory, food industries, chemistry, microbiology, medicine research and development