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Single Beam UV/Visible Spectrophotometer LUS-A22

Labtron LUS-A22 is specially designed for Industries and Labs. It is equipped with system clock management and one touch key response.

Wavelength Range

190 - 1100nm (step interval 0.1nm)

Spectral Bandwidth


Wavelength Accuracy

±1.0nm (Calibrate by system automatically )

Wavelength Repeatability


Photometric Range

T:-1.0 ~ 200.0%T ,A:-0.5 ~ 3.000Abs,F:0 ~ 9999,C:0 ~ 9999

Photometric Accuracy


Photometric Repeatability



Silicon photo diode

Light Source

Tungsten lamp (socket type, 20W / 12V, 2000 hours) Deuterium lamp (1000 hours)

Stray Light

≤0.15%T (220Nal)



Data Output Port

USB interface, LPT parallel printer interface

Power Requirement

220V±10% 50Hz 150VA



Gross Weight


Net Weight


Display mode

128*64 Dots LCD

Optical System

Single beam, C-T type, 1200 lines/mm grating


UV-Solution (optional)

High UV-Vis performance between 190 and 1100 nm
Pre-set wavelength program (4 wavelengths)
Single-point and multi-point curve calibration (up to 12 points)
Display of fitting degree of curve fitting and concentration data with up to 200 sets of data storage
System clock management/ Dark current calibration/ wavelength calibration/USB data communication
One-touch key response Data-processing software (Optional)

  1. Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, biological research, bio-industry, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical, teaching and research, environmental protection, food hygiene, clinical examination, health and epidemic prevention and other fields