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Single Beam UV/Visible Spectrophotometer LUS-A21

Labtron LUS-A21 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer offers five custom installation spectral bandwidth range of 5nm, 4nm, 2nm, 1nm and 0.5nm. It is more accurate and flexible measurement via PC control.

Wavelength Range :


Setting Wavelength :


Spectral Bandwidth :

2nm(Optional: 0.5nm, 1nm, 4nm, 5nm / Adjustable : 0.5 , 1, 2, 4nm)

Wavelength Accuracy :


Wavelength Repeatability :


Photometric Range :


Photometric Mode :


Photometric Accuracy :

±0.3% τ(0-100%τ) ±0.002A(0~0.5A) ±0.003A(0.5A~1A)

Photometric Repeatability :

0.15% τ(0-100%τ) ±0.001A(0~0.5A) ±0.0015A(0.5A~1A)

Detector :

Import Silicon Photodiode

Light Source :

Import Deuterium Lamp & Tungsten Halogen Lamp

Stray Light :

≤0.03% τ (220nm NaI,340nm NaNO2)

Stability :

0.0005A/h @500nm

Power Requirement :

AC 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz

Dimensions :


Noise :

± 0.0002A @500nm

Weight :


Power :


Display mode :

6 inches high brightness blue LCD

Baseline Flatness :

± 0.001A

Simple measurement calculation are obtained automatically
Enhancement of scalability and reliability of the system through LSI design
Improved optimization of the optical design
High performance and high reliability
6 inches high brightness blue LCD
Measurement data can be output through the printer with USB interface
Can be powered down to save the measurement parameters and data, user-friendly

  1. Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, biological research, bio-industry, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical, teaching and research, environmental protection, food hygiene, clinical examination, health and epidemic prevention and other fields