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Double Beam UV/Vis Spectrophotometer LUS-B10

Labtron LUS-B10 is fully automated with improved and optimized optical path design giving high performance and reliability. It can meet the requirements of various applications

Wavelength Range :


Setting Wavelength :

Automatic adjustment

Spectral Bandwidth :


Wavelength Accuracy :

± 0.3nm

Photometric Range :

-4 to 4A

Photometric Mode :

T, A, C, E

Transmittance accuracy :

± 0.3% T (0-100% T) ± 0.002A (0~0.5A) ± 0.003A (0.5A~1A)

Transmittance repeatability :

±0.15% T (0-100% T) ± 0.001A(0 ~0.5A) ± 0.0015A (0.5A ~ 1A)

Detector :

Imported silicon photodiode

Light Source :

Imports of deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp imports

Stray Light :

≤0.03% T (220 nm NaI, 340nm NaNo2)

Stability :

0.0005 / h (after 500nm preheating)

Power Requirement :

AC 220V/50 Hz or 110V/60 Hz

Dimensions :


Weight :


Power :


Display mode :

6 inch high brightness LCD Screen

Improved and optimized optical path design
Large scale integrated circuit design to improve the scalability and reliability of the system.
Printer with USB interface
6 inch large screen
More accurate and flexible measurements

  1. Medicine analysis, life sciences, farming, fishery, metal element, Geological exploration, food safety.