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Double Beam UV/Vis Spectrophotometer LUS-B12

Labtron LUS-B12 is deliberately designed to have long lasting stability light. It is equipped with high resolution and a better level of detection with a low ultra-stray light which does not affect the measurement

Wavelength Range :


Spectral Bandwidth :


Wavelength Accuracy :


Wavelength Repeatability :


Photometric Range :

T:0~200.00%T A:-0.301~4.0000Abs

Photometric Accuracy :


Photometric Repeatability :


Stray Light :

≤0.05%T(220nm, 340nm)

Dimensions :


Noise :

100%(T)line noise≤0.1%(T) 0%(T) line noise ≤0.05%(T)

Display mode :

128*64 LCD Display

Optical System :

Proportion monitor double beam

Baseline Linearity :


Baseline Drift :


User friendly interface
Low ultra-stray light
light source Can be easily substituted
Effortlessly upgraded

  1. It is ideal for quality control, general research, pharmaceutical and clinical laboratory