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Vis Spectrophotometer LVS-B10

We deliver the best quality of visible spectrophotometer LVS-B10 having large memory space which can store multiple sets of data and display it. Quantitative measurement of standard curve is established through direct input of K & B factor.

Wavelength Range :


Setting Wavelength :


Spectral Bandwidth :

2 nm

Wavelength Accuracy :


Wavelength Repeatability :


Photometric Range :


Photometric Accuracy :

±0.5% τ

Photometric Repeatability :

0.2% τ

Detector :

Import Silicon Photodiode Detector

Light Source :

Import Tungsten Lamp

Stray Light :

≤0.05% τ

Stability :

0.001A @ 500nm

Power Requirement :

AC 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

Dimensions :


Weight :


Power :


Automatic zero, 100% and wavelength adjustment
Equipped with Single-chip microcomputer control, 128*64 Dots LCD Screen
Standard curve for quantitative measurement can be established in simple method
More precise measurement
Imported Silicon Photodiode Detector and USB interface
Light Source : Imported Tungsten Lamp

  1. Quantitative and qualitative analysis, detection of Impurities and functional groups determination